Upcoming Training Dates and Events

10th December - Lucky 15s Christmas do at Dan's pub in Nuneaton!
We are taking a rest month during December, so we will be starting our training again in January.
If you wish to attend any of the above, please contact me here for more info!

Lucky 15s 2011 jerseys!

Whilst working on our custom markers, Guillaume over at Side Effect had also been working on our 2011 custom jerseys, and we're looking forward to rocking them on the field in the 2011 season. We just hope we can do the design justice this year, as all of our teams battle it out at the CPPS! If you like the design, be sure to check out side effect paintball France!

Lucky 15s featured in Paintball Scene!

Find us featured in November's issue of Paintball Scene magazine, from pages 52 to 57! It's a great honour to be asked to feature in the magazine, and hopefully tells you a little bit more about us as a team and what we're all about! It also features some nice images of our new custom markers (mentioned below) so get online and check it out! Paintball Scene magazine November issue!!

Lucky 15s Custom Markers!

Over the summer we made great friends with Oceane from Side Effect based in France whilst she was over for a work placement. Guillaume (Oc's boyfriend) owns Side Effect and we asked them to get their heads together and come up with an awesome custom marker design for us! We knew that it would be good, but Side Effect blew us all away with the designs they have done! Big thanks to Planet as well for producing them, and we will be receiving our custom GEO2s and EGO11s in February!

Lucky 15s runners up in Ultimate Woodsball League World Championships!

We topped last years performance at UWL by one place and finished 2nd! We won every game we played on the day and narrowly missed out by Ledz's team, Operation Sandbag by a lousy 50 points! Nevermind, we like to keep our sponsors happy!! We had a great day out in the woods and showed the opposition our woodsball heritage, winning every game in style. Big thanks to Ged at NPF and Tommy Cole for this fantastic woodland format!

Lucky 15s runners up in CPPS Championship!

Being our first full season in the world of SupAir, never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate this outcome for the season. Playing a tough division 2 at CPPS, we managed to come runners up behind a very deserving Emortal Army, who were actually the Xball team Birmingham Disruption getting some practice in for their afternoon xball slot! We're now looking forward to division 1 next season at CPPS!!

Follow the 15s on Facebook!

It was about time the 15s embraced "what the kids are doing" these days so we took the plunge and opended our very own Facebook page to keep in touch with our friends and fellow teams! We don't have too many fans at the moment, so please sign up and keep and eye one what we're doing! We'd love to hear your thoughts so post up here: The Lucky 15s Fan Page

Uber 15s win the Euro A-ball championship!

Last weekend the National Paintball Fields in Birmingham hosted the European A-Ball championships and I'm pleased to announce that the 15s won 1st place! We conscripted Ulf Mueller and Joern Windler of Germany on the day to form the winning "Uber 15s"! It was a fantastic and fun day, made even more special with our win! The Geo2s were in full flow for our team and gave us the edge we needed to bring home the bacon!

GEO2s arrive!!!!

Being a Planet Eclipse team from bones to balls we couldn't wait to get our hooves on the their latest marker......the GEO2! This week I reveived my call from Stoney at Planet informing me that our 9 Combat Geo2s were ready for collection! Following a brief argument about who was going to collect them from Planet (Akki won as he looks the roughest) it wasn't long before we all met up at Dylan's factory and were shooting them on the target range...aka Dylan's fire exit! Good job Planet! They rock!

Our Mascot gets "Eclipsed"!

We like to have a bit of fun in the 15s, so when we spotted this horse's head mask on ebay the other week, Steph had to buy it, and will be sporting it at all our events (for as long as she can bare it - it gets rather hot in there!). Akki has also offered to do a horse shoot this weekend at the CPPS....more details can be found on the Planet Eclipse Blog! Big thanks to Planet Eclipse for their support!!

More silverware for the 2nd team!

Our second team the 15.5s are nipping at our heels after taking 3rd place in Div 2 at last weekends Masters! Our first team narrowly missed out on a trophy in division one, walking away in 4th place. Soon we'll both be fighting it out in the top division and at the UK Masters, and I bet our under 15s won't be too far behind us! Big thanks to Nicky T for coming down on the day and supporting us with one of his "tournament clinics!"

Our under 15s squad take 2nd place at the CPPS Funball event!

Our suitably named "Lucky under 15s" have been looking for an event to showcase their newly found supair skills, and the newly created CPPS Funball event was the perfect entry to the tournament scene for them. As the youngest team fielded today, they did us proud and took a solid 2nd place! It was an honour seeing you wearing the jerseys today guys, and you played your hearts out, 15s style!

The Lucky 15's second team take 1st in Div 3 UK Masters!

As our squad has grown over considerably over the last year, we decided to put together a second team to get them up to speed in the world of supair and encourage some new players to join our ranks. Today they proved to themselves and to the squad that their hard work and dedication over the last 6 months has really started to pay off. Not losing a single game all day, they are now ready to rock out in DIv 2!

Lucky 15's take 1st Place in DIV 2 UK Masters!

What can I say? All the hard work over winter has finally paid in the snow, ice, wet and cold finally meant something today as we took home first place in Div2. Big thanks to Nicky for all his help over the winter, Planet for their support, Jon and Chris at Lips, Ged the big man at NPF and Jamie at Ashcroft Park. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Nicky T returns for another clinc!

The 7th March saw the return of Nicky T for our third private training clinic at the awesome NPF Aball arena! The sun was shining and we were all in high sprits in anticipation of our first supair tournament of the year the following week at Uttoxeter. Nick once again shared his epic knowledge of paintball and by the end of the day we were feeling ready for the UK masters!

EGO/GEO Tech course at Planet HQ!

Ledz and the team at Planet set up a private tech course for us this weekend at Planet HQ, hosted by their chief tech Robert! Robert kindly gave up his Saturday to talk us through every detail of the new EGO 10, Etek3 and GEO markers, and I am pleased to inform you that we all passed our test at the days end! Thanks guys! Planet til we die!

Delivery of the brand new EGO10 Combats!

We love our woodland colours, so we've been waiting a long time for soon as the images were released of the new combat colour scheme, our guys were on the phone! After a quick talk with Ledz, Planet very kindly arranged a great deal on 5 of the new EGO10 Combats! I picked them up earlier today and here they are! Thanks Planet!

Nicky T gets us into shape!

As our name suggests, we got lucky with the weather again today! Nicky put us through our paces again, including a killer sprinting drill before lunch......thanks pal! Yet again, fantastic day and a big thanks to Nicky for putting up with Sam and Cal all day! We've already booked our next clinic on 7th March!

Lucky 15's take home best team award at Diamond Wars!

The USDE win series for a second year in the row! The Lucky 15s picked up various awards at the presentation in November's finale, including best well as our very own Jon Swain and Dylan Owen picking up best player awards! Ainsley has also been promoted to lead the USDE in Season 3!

Nicky T Training Clinic Part 2!

After speaking with Nicky at the UWL, we've decided that the next training clinic will be held on the 17th January at Ashcroft Park. This will be a great start to the year, and get us all ready for the start of next season. So pencil it in your diary, as this is a must for all of our players, woodsballers and sup'air players!

3rd Place in the European UWL!

Big thanks to all our guys, and the pit crew that kept us going throughout the day! Tom Cole's (creator of UWL) team took 1st place and so the cup will be heading back to the USA! Nice to know that one of our guys, Dan Campbell kindly made up his starting line up as he was short of players; so we can also stake a small claim to 1st as well!

It's Jersey Time!

The jerseys have arrived! I know you've all been itching to get them, well the wait is finally over.....we've even got padded forearms and shoulders! Huge thanks to Jack Franklin on the design front, they look fantastic! Can't wait to wear them in the 2010 season....we may even give them a trial run at the UWL tomorrow!

UWL comes to Europe!

On the 15th November NPF in Bassetts Pole will be hosting the first ever UWL European event! A woodsball based tournament that is big in the USA, 8 man teams will be battling it out for the first European title. Teams include the Planet Eclipse 'Sandbaggers' and flying in from the USA, Tom Cole's BC Army! Wish us luck!

Nicky T Training Clinic!

The Lucky 15s held a training session coached by the legendary Nicky T in October. Nicky T has coached some of the top teams in paintball and we had a great day picking up some new tricks and skills! We shall soon be inviting Nicky back so watch this space for further details.

New Website and Jersey Designs by Insidious

This year we commissioned Jack Franklin of Insidious to design the Lucky 15's custom jersey's, below is an image of the final render, which we are looking forward to wearing next season.
Jack has also created this website and we are proud to be associated with his company.