Lucky breakout
Lucky 15's breakout

Last season the Lucky 15's started to play SupAir and were instantly hooked. The speed and technique of this style of game play takes everything you learn in the woods to the next level. Games are fast and can be won or lost within the first 30 seconds, so communication and tactics are vital to the outcome of the game. During the season we train most weekends either at Jamie's SupAir site at Ashcroft Park, Uttoxeter, or at the CPPS site in Penkridge just off junction 12 of the M6. At training we work on our fitness, as welk as our gun skills and drills to help us prepare for our tournaments.

What is SupAir you may ask? This side of the game has a more 'team sport' feel to it and is the more serious side to paintball, with various leagues and tournaments being held all around the world. We play the CPPS midlands series and also the Uttoxeter legs of the UK Masters. Teams are set at 5 aside and the game is usually played in a netted off area about the size of half a football pitch, using inflatable bunkers of varying shapes and sizes for cover. Each team starts at 'the gate' located at each end of the field, and when the marshal calls 'Game on!', the fun begins.

Ashcroft Park's 5 supair fields
Ashcroft Park's 5 supair fields

A ball field at NPF
A Ball field at NPF

We now also train at Ged's brand new A-Ball arena at NPF. The Lucky 15's helped lay the brand new 'TigerTurf' astro field and this is a great way to have a practise session without the hassle of cleaning paint off everything at the end of each day. A-Balls are reusable balls and are a cost efficient and clean way of practising supair.

To find out when and where our next practise session is, please drop Ainsley an e-mail here and we will introduce you to the exciting world of SupAir. Next season we will be entering 3 teams into the CPPS events, including our under 15s team.