Lucky 15s patch

The lucky 15's roots lie firmly in woodsball. All of our players have gained their love for the sport and acquired their knowledge from playing walkon's at Ashcroft Park in Staffordshire and NPF in Bassets Pole.

NPF props
One of the fantastic props at NPF'

Even though some of our players also play SupAir, all of the 15's still enjoy playing in the woods and we will continue to do so for as long as we play paintball. There is something about the woods that reminds every player of the first time they played paintball, and it is that spirit that we wish to nurture, in order to keep that fun element in our game.

Ainsley and the other USDE Commanders
Ainsley and the
other USDE Commanders

You will find us playing at the Diamond Wars events on the last Sunday of every month, at NPF, which is a very well organised scenario event pitting the forces of USDE against the
evil HMC in the spectacular settings of NPF. This incorporates a mixture of objectives, hold and control missions and even demolition missions over the course of this monthly 7 hour scenario spectacular. Ainsley has now been promoted to the main USDE Commander for 2010 following the retirement of Col. Mayo. The Lucky 15s also won best team for the USDE at the finale of Diamond Wars season 2 in November; where the USDE claimed victory for a second year in a row!

Big Game Map
Map of the gaming area for the Diamond Wars event
Full size PDF Here

We also play at Ashcroft Park, Staffordshire, normally on the second Sunday of the month. This is more of a relaxed walkon, great for newer players learning the ropes with a mixture of classic capture the flag and attack and defend games. We consider this our home field, as we have been playing here for many years and know the game zones like the back of our hands.

Castle Field at Ashford ParkI
The castle field at Ashcroft Park built by The Lucky 15's over the Christmas holidays, 2008'

If you'd like to come and join us for a game, drop Ainsley an e-mail here and you'll be made more than welcome, whether you're a first timer or an experienced player.