The Lucky 15s

Hello my name is Ainsley, captain of The Lucky 15s, and I would like to welcome you to our website.

The Lucky 15's' were formed early in 2008 following a bet I placed on the first day of Cheltenham. Not normally a betting man, I was convinced by 2 co-workers to place a £6 'lucky 15' bet and choose 4 horses from 4 races. They all came in and 3 of us shared £3200. With my winnings I wanted to start a team with people who just loved playing paintball and we now have 25 players in the team playing both woodsball and supair on a regular basis.

Every month we play Diamond Wars hosted by Ged Green of National Paintball Fields in Bassets Pole, Birmingham. Diamond Wars is a huge scenario game pitting the same teams against each other over the year in the spectacular surroundings of NPF. We represent the USDE, and this year I am commanding the USDE in Diamond Wars Season 3 in our struggle to defeat the evil HMC!

Lucky 15's play tournaments to!

We also host a monthly walk on at Jamie Pagett’s woodland site based in Staffordshire called National Paintball Games. We consider this our home field as we’ve been playing here for many years. To get across just how mad for paintball we are, last Christmas we built Jamie a new castle from scratch on one of his fields. Our team clubbed together to buy materials and we did a weeks hard graft with the help of Jamie and his staff to get it built. This year we have been focusing on SupAir, and have had great success at the CPPS and at the Midland Masters. We practice supair at Jamie’s farm site just outside Uttoxeter,NPF's new supair field at Bassets Pole and more often than not you'll see us training for our tournaments at the new CPPS site at Penkridge!

Our goal is to bring as many new players into the sport and make people realise that paintball is not just a team building exercise that happens once a year for the office. We welcome any new players into our team, regardless of age or experience, our goal being to have as much fun paintballing as possible. If you only want to play woodsball, or just supair, it doesn’t matter to us as long as we’re having a good day.

If you have any questions about paintball, need some advice on equipment or wish to join The Lucky 15’s, please contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our current Team